3rd Budapest Photo Street Festival

21st April, 2017
11.00 am

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
An event jointly organized with the Robert Capa Contemporary Photo Centre and Mai Manó House.

Free event

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center

Nagymező utca 8.
+36 1 413 1310

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Budapest Photo Street Festival 
Photographer: Andrea Felvégi / BSF

3rd Budapest Photo Street Festival

Held in the heart of the city centre, this festival engages its audience by presenting all that is related to the art of photography on the pavement of Nagymező Street. It is the street itself, the centre of Budapest, that turns into a special exhibition space. Anyone who passes by can enjoy the programme.
The street is home to Mai Manó House and the Capa Centre. The former introduces today’s visitors to old photographic technologies and methods, the latter trains its viewfinder on the present and the future, offering even on-hand experience of the latest devices and imaging techniques.
The exhibitions will be complemented with open-air screenings, book launches, dedications, performances, and guided tours: the Budapest Photo Street Festival is guaranteed to make contemporary photography even more accessible.

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