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Dance Canon – Hommage à Zoltán Kodály

22nd April, 2017
11.00 am

Müpa Budapest — Festival Theater
Tamás Bősze, Beáta Czébely, Andrea Brassói Jőrös, Eszter Pál, Milán Hetényi, The Dance Troupe and Orchestra of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
László Kelemen, Eszter Pál, István Szalonna Pál, Lajos Pál
Zsuzsa Molnár
Edit Szűcs
Andrea Soós
Enikő Kocsis, Dezső Fitos, Orza Călin
Choreographer, director:
Gábor Mihályi
An event jointly organized with Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and National Dance Theatre.

Ticket prices: 2500 Ft, 3200 Ft, 3900 Ft

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Müpa Budapest

Komor Marcell u. 1.
+36 1 555-3300

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Hommage à Kodály Zoltán

Dance Canon – Hommage à Zoltán Kodály

Performance by Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Zoltán Kodály’s compositions and folk songs he collected form the musical frame of the story that emerges from the happenings of an imaginary village community. The scenes depict the birth and loss of human relations, the joys and the sorrows, the ritual of everyday routine.
Through a series of richly nuanced, lyrical-associative images, stage action that playfully alternates places and times, we reach the denouement, the cathartic declaration of the glory of human life.
The production is animated by excerpts from such well-known and popular works of Kodály as Háry János, Dances of Galánta, the Peacock Variations, Mátra Pictures, and Dance from Kálla.

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