12th madeinhungary + 5th MeeD

31st March, 2017
6.00 pm

New Budapest Gallery
An event jointly organized with the New Budapest Gallery and Eventuell Gallery.

Ticket prices: 1000 Ft

Tickets available at the venue. To find further information, visit the website of the event:

New Budapest Gallery

Fővám tér 11–12.
+36 1 388 6784

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12th madeinhungary + 5th MeeD

12th madeinhungary + 5th MeeD

Design Without Boundaries presents the eleventh twelfth instalment of “madeinhungary” and the fourth fifth “MeeD,” or, the Meeting of European and Eastern Central European Designers, where the works of independent Czech, Danish, Estonian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Norwegian, Swedish and Hungarian designers can be seen, including furniture, textiles, interior and industrial designs.
The display offers a comprehensive overview of major trends in design, and establishes a platform for dialogue between designers from different regions, countries and generations, fosters communication between different mindsets and convictions, and facilitates joint international projects and exhibitions in the future.
Both the organizers and the participants seek to make the event one of the region’s most prestigious design exhibitions and independent professional forums. The Design Without Boundaries Awards will be conferred for the second time on this occasion.

The exhibition is on view between 31 March and 7 May.

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