8th April, 2017
8.00 pm

Bálna Budapest — Event Hall
Members of the band:
AN Sang Wook, KIM Cho Rong – percussions, KIM Dong Kun – daegeum, PARK Sangheum – guitar, JEONG Halee – geomungo, HAM Boyoung – vocal

Ticket prices: 1900 Ft, 2400 Ft

Bálna Budapest

Fővám tér 11–12.
+36 1 325 2400

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A recent winner of the Korean Folk Music of the Year award, Coreyah was also nominated for the best jazz-crossover album of the year. This alone is clear proof that Coreyah has managed to cross the boundary of contemporary pop and folk music.
The band, whose special line-up includes the players of both traditional folk and modern instruments, made its debut in 2010. They call what they are doing living Korean music, something that naturally integrates, and assimilates in a single style, traditional Korean music, Western rock, Balkan folklore, and for that matter, the musical heritage of any other region.
Coreyah has already performed with success in Belgium, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Australia, Singapore, Qatar and Oman. Their third album came out in 2016.

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