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Feast of Hungarian Jazz 2017

8th April, 2017
7.00 pm

Budapest Jazz Club
Supporter: National Cultural Fund
An event jointly organized with the Budapest Jazz Club and the Hungarian Jazz Federation.

Ticket prices: 1200 Ft, 1800 Ft

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student/senior: 1200 HUF

Budapest Jazz Club

Hollán Ernő utca 7.
+36 1 798-7289

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Feast of Hungarian Jazz 2017

Feast of Hungarian Jazz 2017

7 pm BG5
8 pm Karosi Júlia Quartet
9 pm Geröly Tamás Trio
10:30 pm Jam Session

The Feast of Hungarian Jazz is one of the genre’s most prestigious events in Hungary. It is organized by the Hungarian Jazz Federation, a national NGO dedicated to the genre. The event series traditionally takes place in the spring, and has been hosted for years by the Budapest Jazz Club, the heart of the Hungarian jazz scene. Among others, the 2017 performers include the Soso Lakatos Quartet, the Kovács Linda Recycle, Karosi Júlia’s Quartet and Tamás Geröly’s Trio.

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