Guus Kuijer: The Book of Everything – premiere

1st April, 2017
3.00 pm

Kolibri Fészek
Márton Kiss
An event jointly organized with Kolibri Children’s and Youth Theatre.

Ticket prices: 1500 Ft

Ticket sale at the venue, for more information visit the website of the venue.

Kolibri Fészek

Andrássy út 74.
+36 1 332 3720

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Guus Kuijer: The Book of Everything – premiere

Guus Kuijer: The Book of Everything – premiere

Performance by Kolibri Children’s and Youth Theatre

Thomas’s neighbour is an old witch, who scares everyone. Tropical fish swim in the gutter. Armies of frogs bang on the door. At least that’s the way Thomas sees it. No one else seems to notice these things. The boy notes it all down in his diary, the Book of Everything. This is what calms him when his father beats him, or when the angels start to cry because of his mother. Writing gives power to Thomas, helps him to become the sort of person he always wanted to be: happy.
Guus Kuijer is a Dutch writer of books for children and young people. The secret of his success is an honest and serious attitude towards his young readers, as if he were writing for adults: rather than avoiding sensitive subjects and contemporary social issues, he uses them to recommend acceptance and tolerance.
In 2012 his work was acknowledged with the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world’s leading award for children’s and young people’s literature.

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