Pont Festival

1st April, 2017
4.00 pm

Várkert Bazár (Castle Garden Bazaar)
An event jointly organized with Hangvető.

Ticket prices: 3000 Ft

2000 Ft (in advance) / 3000 Ft (on the day of the programme at the venue)
Student and senior tickets: 1500 Ft (only avaible at the ticket offices with valid student or senior ID)
2-day tickets: 4000 Ft (in advance) / 6000 Ft (on the day of the programme at the venue)
Click here to buy 2-day ticket for Pont Festival.
Concert tickets and 2-day tickets are valid for the afternoon programmes.
Tickets for the afternoon programmes: 500 Ft (only avaible on the day of the programme at the venue, 6 the programme is free under the age of 6)

Várkert Bazár (Castle Garden Bazaar)

Ybl Miklós tér 2-6.
+36 1 225 0554

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Pont Festival 
Photographer: Gábor Czifrak

Pont Festival

Breathing Heritage
  1. 4 pm | Exhibitions and interactive activities (throat-singing workshop, felt and rug making, flying falcons and eagles, gastronomic presentations)
  2. 7 pm | Kodály’s Collections and Chuvash Songs / Andrea Navratil and Balázs Vizeli’s band
  3. 8.15 pm | Malik Mansurov Mugham Quartet

Explore the wonders of the world in Budapest. Want to see falconry in action, build a yurt, hone your throat-singing skills or celebrate Spring the Persian way? Pont Festival brings cultural treasures on UNESCO’s heritage list from across the world to stunning Castle Garden Bazaar.
Pont Festival brings breathing heritage from Hungary and the world to a Budapest audience through interactive programs and unique concerts. This year’s event has Turkic and Central Asian traditions in focus: on Saturday Andrea Navratil and Balázs Vizeli’s band will play Chuvas songs, right before the mugham master Malik Mansurov with his quartet. In the afternoon a throat-singing workshop, a falconry demo, storytelling in a yurt and other playful activities avait young and old.

The Huun-Huur-Tu will hold a throat singing workhop on 1 April, from 5 pm. You may participate the workshop with valid afternoon ticket, concert ticket or 2-day ticket, but you are kindly requested to register in advance at In the subject line please write: Huun-Huur-Tu.

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