Saint Petersburg–Budapest 10th Anniversary Gala

21st April, 2017
7.00 pm

Budapest Operetta Theatre
Oksana Krupnova, Karina Chepurnova, Olga Lozovaya, Vera Sveshnikova, Nataliya Dievskaya, Maria Yelizarova, Ivan Koritov, Aleksandr Lenogov, Fyodor Osipov, Svetlana Lugova, Kiril Gorgeyev, Katazhina Matskevich, Ivan Ozhogin, Mónika Fischl, Tünde Frankó, Barbara Bordás, Gergely Boncsér, Attila Dolhai, Marika Oszvald, Szilvi Szendy, Kata Janza, Miklós Máté Kerényi, Károly Peller – voice, the Orchestra and Ballet Ensemble of the Budapest Operetta Theatre
Alexey Nefedov, László Makláry
Editor, director:
Miklós Gábor Kerényi – KERO®
An event jointly organized with the Budapest Operetta Theatre.

Ticket prices: 1000 Ft, 2000 Ft, 3300 Ft, 3600 Ft, 4600 Ft, 6000 Ft

Budapest Operetta Theatre

Nagymező utca 17.
+36 1 312 4866

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Svetlana Lugova

Saint Petersburg–Budapest 10th Anniversary Gala

The Budapest Operetta Theatre represents the tradition of opera not only with guest performances, but also through extensive cooperation. Over the past decade, several well-received shows made jointly with other theatres have been to the credit of a company that successfully promotes not only the genre, but its “little sister,” the musical as well. Saint Petersburg’s Musical Comedy Theatre is one of thier leading partners in co-productions.
The cooperation has proved its worth with such success shows as Parisian Life (Offenbach), Countess Maritza (Imre Kálmán), and Madame Pompadour (Leo Fall). Several of the productions won the most valuable acknowledgement of Saint Petersburg’s theatre life: The Merry Widow, Baroness Lili, and The Yankee Princess all received the Golden Sofit Prize.
And who reaped the applause night after night in Saint Petersburg? The 10th anniversary gala will feature the best voices of the Russian company along with Hungarian operetta and musical stars.

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