Attila Csikós: Díszítők (Stagehands) – premiere

31st March, 2017
7.00 pm

B32 Galéria
Attila Menszátor Héresz
Péter Halász G.
Janó Papp
Attila Csikós
Attila Dolmány
An event jointly organized with B32 Gallery and Cultural Space.

Ticket prices: 2400 Ft

Ticket sale at the venue, for more information visit the website of the venue.

B32 Galéria

Bartók Béla út 32.
+36 1 787 0045

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Attila Csikós: Díszítők (Stagehands) – premiere

Attila Csikós: Díszítők (Stagehands) – premiere

  1. Süttő: Zoltán Karácsonyi
  2. Praliné: Tibor Fehér
  3. Kovi bá: Péter Tarján
  4. Zsót: Zsolt Szentirmai
  5. Béla Bá: Csaba Gerner
  6. Cicavirág: Tímea Erdélyi

Six persons who have a job to do. Six stagehands who are locked up in their room just before the play starts. The audience have taken their seats, the stage manager is calling on the actors. And these six people, who have a job to do, can’t get out and take their position behind the wings. One of them would prefer to have a beer, and a fight with the Sótis. One can’t help thinking about the money that was stolen from him. One would love to have a man at last. One has a tattoo. The fifth: everyone blames the fifth. The sixth is just old. And these six people, it seems, do have a job to do. And they are locked up together. They’ll be at each other’s throat in no time!

A deadly comedy in two acts. A theatre performance in Hungarian.

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