Never-ending Story

31st March, 2017
5.30 pm

Óbuda Cultural Centre — Civil Ház
An event jointly organized with Óbuda Cultural Centre.

Free event

The programme is free, for more information please visit the website of the venue.

Óbuda Cultural Centre

San Marco utca 81.
+36 1 388 7370

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Never-ending Story

Never-ending Story

Lili Sziráki’s photo exhibition

Lili Sziráki earned her diploma as a landscape architect, and she later attended the Camera Anima Free School’s photography course. She thinks her images owe something to her experience in designing public spaces, while she also considers it important to add a human presence to the simple structures – a figure, a face, or impressions thereof.
As a member of the CaritART Artist Retreat and the organizer of artist residencies, she has come to know a great many talented young artists, who encouraged her to concentrate her energies on artistic projects.
In addition to the digital camera, she is also attracted to classic, analogue and artistic techniques, whose salient feature is a more direct connection to the raw material. Her exhibition at Civil Ház selects from her works to date.

The exhibition is on view between 31 March and 6 April.

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