Tales of St Petersburg with the Concerto Armonico

8th April, 2019
7.30 pm

Hungarian National Museum — Díszterem
Artistic director, narrator:
Miklós Spányi
Gábor Homoki
An event jointly organized with Hungarian National Museum.

Ticket prices: 2500 Ft

Hungarian National Museum

Múzeum körút 14–16.
+36 1 338 2122

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Tales of St Petersburg with the Concerto Armonico

Tales of St Petersburg with the Concerto Armonico

Jabot Festival
  1. Hasse: Irene – sinfonia (overture of the opera)
  2. Manfredini: Harpsichord Concerto in B flat major
  3. Hasse: Demofoonte – sinfonia (overture of the opera)
  4. Cimarosa: Harpsichord Concerto in B flat major
  5. J. Ch. Bach: Symphony in G minor, Op. 6/6

The Italian Vincenzo Manfredini was born into a family of eminent musicians. His father, Francesco Manfredini was one of the best-known composers of his own time, and his brother, Giuseppe, a much-sought-after castrato, who travelled to Moscow with Locatelli’s opera company. Vincenzo went along with him, and was appointed in 1762 by Peter III to be his court conductor, and later the director of the imperial Italian opera company. Manfredini’s work had a very beneficial effect on the genre’s popularity in Russia, and the quality of the productions. In addition to being a composer, he was also employed as maestro di cappella, and taught the harpsichord to the prince, who later became Paul I.
In 1769 Manfredini went back to his native Italy, but returned to Russia in 1796, upon the invitation of his former student, the new tsar. He died the next year, at the age of 62, in Saint Petersburg.
He wrote several works, including five operas, while in imperial service, and taught the works of his important contemporaries to orchestras. This concert will bring closer to the audience not only the eventful life of Manfredini, but the lesser-known music of the second half of the 18th century as well.

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