10th April, 2019
7.00 pm

Erkel Theatre
Richard Wherlock

Ticket prices: 1500 Ft, 3000 Ft, 5900 Ft, 7900 Ft, 9900 Ft

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Erkel Theatre

II. János Pál pápa tér 30.
+36 1 333-0108

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Photographer: Ismael Lorenzo


Performance by the Ballet Ensemble of Theater Basel

The story of Tewje, the milkman became known the world over thanks to the famous musical, Fiddler on the Roof. This ballet, which is based on the motifs of Sólem Aléchem’s novel, and the music of Kolmischa, a Swiss band that plays authentic klezmer, was premiered by the Ballet Ensemble of Theater Basel in the autumn of 2015. Evoking the life of East European Jews in an intensive and engaging manner, the production was enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike.

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