Kodály String Quartet

5th April, 2018
7.30 pm

Pesti Vigadó — Ceremonial Hall
Csaba Onczay – cello, Máté Szűcs – viola
The members of the string quartet:
Attila Falvay, Ferenc Bangó – violin, János Fejérvári – viola, György Éder – cello

Ticket prices: 2900 Ft, 3900 Ft

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Pesti Vigadó

Vigadó tér 2.
+36 1 328 3440

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Kodály String Quartet 
Photographer: Luca Kende

Kodály String Quartet

  1. Debussy: String quartet in G minor, Op. 10
  2. Rachmaninoff: Romance and Scherzo
  3. Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence, Op. 70

2018 brings the 125th, 100th and 75th anniversary of the death of Tchaikovsky, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff, respectively. The three oeuvres are interlinked at many points, as are the lives, if not in the strictest of senses. The young Debussy, for example, enjoyed the support of the same rich Russian woman who for many years made it possible for Tchaikovsky to work independently, while Rachmaninoff was greatly responsible, both as a pianist and as a conductor, for the popularization of Tchaikovsky’s music.

As for the programme of this concert, all three works were composed in the early 1890s. The earliest piece was written by the “youngest” of the composers, Rachmaninoff, while the respective premieres of Debussy’s and Tchaikovsky’s works were separated by only a year.

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