Alexander Vantournhout & Bauke Lievens: Raphaël

13th April, 2018
8.00 pm

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Performed by:
Raphaël Billet, Alexander Vantournhout
Created by:
Alexander Vantournhout, Bauke Lievens
Bauke Lievens
An event jointly organized with Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.

Ticket prices: 2400 Ft

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student tickets: 1900 HUF

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Liliom utca 41.
+36-1 215 1600

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Alexander Vantournhout & Bauke Lievens: Raphaël

Alexander Vantournhout & Bauke Lievens: Raphaël

There are two of them, one being active, the other passive, seemingly dead. They meet in an enforced but uncertain duet, in which one plays with the other, making him now his training partner, now his puppet, now pushing him into death. The other lies about toneless, doing nothing, exerting no power, unprotesting, letting everything happen to him.

This is how the two discover the flexible boundary of intimacy and perversion. Raphaël is both a search for nuances in a subject that first seems black-and-white, and a tableau vivant of the desire that binds us together: a performance whose every moment is touching, breath-taking and virtuosic.

The performance is not recommended for audiences under the age of 18.

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