The Beggar’s Opera

8th April, 2018
7.00 pm

Trip Ship
Permormed by:
Réka Bori, Máté Borsi Balogh, Bence Brasch, Lilla Czvikker, Roland Fáncsik, Gábor Fekete, Péter Hajdu, Máté Hunyadi, Krisztián Imre, Miklós Jenővári, Bettina Józsa, Dániel Kurucz, Júlia Ladányi, Lilla Litauszky, Júlia Mentes, Boglárka Nagy-Bakonyi, Flóra Széles
An event jointly organized with Trip Ship.

Ticket prices: 3000 Ft

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Trip Ship

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The Beggar’s Opera

The Beggar’s Opera

Performance by the students of the Academy of Drama and Film
  1. Translated by: Júlia Sándor
  2. Musical director: György Selmeczi
  3. Set: Gábor Valcz
  4. Costumes: Anett Hermann, Patrícia Pajor
  5. Choreographer: Borbála Blaskó
  6. Director: Eszter Novák

John Gay wrote The Beggar’s Opera in the first half of the 18th century, based on an idea of Jonathan Swift. Featuring beggars, prostitutes, robbers, and prisoners, and seasoned with English black humour, the piece established the genre of the “ballad opera,” and was wildly popular for decades. Its influence continued into the 20th century, when Brecht based his own play on Gay’s story.

Gay’s piece employs strong theatrical devices, grotesque humour, and wild characters to talk about the vulnerability that comes with poverty, villains large and small, and the complete dissolution of morality. The music (which includes English baroque songs of the period, popular and original melodies, and makes the piece stand closer to a musical than an opera) was compiled and composed by Gay (himself a competent musician) and his German composer friend, Johann Christoph Pepusch.

The Beggar’s Opera is a splendid opportunity for young actors to make a debut before a wider audience: the fourth-year students of the Academy of Drama and Film may be at the start of their career, but they will prove to be adept performers of what is a complex genre.

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